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I have been teaching elementary school art for the past seven years and I LOVE what I do! I am a teacher who creates more messes than I can clean, thinks that glitter makes everything look better, and believes that art can bring people of all cultures together.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy New school Year!!!!!

I am very excited to get back to work this year and make it one of the best school years yet!!!!! We had a little delay with the Crisis in Ferguson, but now that we are back in school the kids are excited and we teachers are happy to see their smiling little faces! To ring in the new school year, we teachers got together and made this little masterpiece I like to call "Its Gonna be a Great Year!" We used colors associated with specific meanings to document some of out aspirations and goals for this school year. For example, black paint represented structure while yellow paint represented playfulness. This is our non-objective promise to add a little bit of color to our daily routines. We had a great time working together and this painting will be displayed at Halls Ferry Elementary for years to come! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fork Printing Tulips

What a great project for spring! My kids loved this! We first drew the background and colored it with crayons. Next, we painted the stems and leaves. Then, we used forks to stamp the tulips on each stem. It's the time of year for fluorescent paint!!! I usually save the "fun" supplies for the end of the year when kids need a little more motivation and excitement in the school day. Lol. Here are some kindergarten samples:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rainy Day Drawings

just LOVE this project! Rarely do I repeat art projects year after year, but this one is worth repeating! I showed the students a Magic School Bus video on You tube about the water cycle before we began our drawing. We talked about condensation and evaporation - science concepts they learn about in 3rd grade. Next, we went through the drawing step-by-step starting with the head, the arms, the body, and then the details. Students colored their drawings and then I assisted them with the rain drops (watered-down blue tempera paint). We even did a little writing piece. I had the students write about their favorite thing to do on a rainy day. Here are some great works of art: 

                Kennedi's drawing

                  Teryon's drawing

                     Kyla's drawing

                     Oliviah's drawing

                  Zachary's drawing

                    Talen's drawing

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lesson prep

After many years in the elementary art world, I've come to really understand why art teachers need so much prep time. Our curriculum is strictly project-based and require so many different supplies. With that said, I have also come to believe that a well-taught lesson is based on how well prepared the classroom is before those kiddos arrive. They are only in our care for 1 hour so the supplies need to be ready and the tables need to be
set so that they can get the most out of the project and create the best art. Just my thoughts for the day. How are you at prepping for your lessons? 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees

This is one of the rare projects that I teach year after year. I love teaching the kids about the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. The history of the festival and the story about how the cherry trees were a gift to our county is the perfect time to reinforce kindness and friendship. This project takes on many forms depending on the age level. For example, I did a tree drawing lesson and fingerprint 'blossoms' with the kindergartners. But I felt the 2nd graders could handle a more complex method of making the trees. We used torn paper because it guves the trees a great texture. We cut out circles in different shades of pink and white paper for the blossoms. The first three photos show the kinders using pencil erasers as stamps and the last two show our torn paper collages.