Bulliten Boards

I thought this might be a good resource for teachers
who struggle with bulliten board ideas.

This is one of our three huge bulletin board "walls" in the entry of our school (we have a construction theme this year, hence the dirt and the scaffolding behind the art).  I always mat the student artwork using a color of construction paper that compliments the artwork.  Here, the project was a spin-off of Jasper John's number paintings, so I included a small reproduction of one of John's paintings and a description of the lesson (see art/description on the right?)

This bulletin board/wall is also in the foyer of the school, like the one above.  Here, I had the kindergarten artwork displayed with some writing we did in the art room.  Art + Literature goes great for a display!  Since our art was based on the silhouette of cats, we wrote out rhyming words for 'cat'...simple but effective!

 In this display, the artwork is monochromatic and the placement of the art is slightly staggered to add movement to the work as a whole.  The 3-D snowflakes at the top of the display accentuate the color scheme, as well as add another dimension to the display.

 The two very different art projects compliment one another in this display because they are uniform in size and their positioning is symmetrical from the middle row.  The colors of mats compliment one another because they are the same color value.