Thursday, October 28, 2010

2nd Grade Glue-Line Pumpkins

For this project, we began by reading the seasonal book, Too Many Pumpkins.  For the first lesson, we discussed the concepts of relief art and overlapping objects.  We drew three pumpkins on black paper, making the first pumpkin appear to be in front of the other two pumpkins. 

Next, the students traced over their line drawings with glue.  I did a whole demonstration about glue before we started.  I mentioned how the glue come out automatically when the glue bottle is turned upside-down, what would happen if I squeezed the bottle VERY hard, what would happen if I squeezed very soft, and so on.  I told the students their lines of glue should be no thicker than a spaghetti noodle :)  They love my strange comparisons (lady-bug dots of glue, circles the size of oreo cookies or waffles, etc).  The next class period, we added color using chalk pastels. 

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