Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Break

This winter break has flown by!  I have enjoyed spending time with my kids, cleaning the house, working on projects that I have avoided all year, and dabbling in some artistic projects.  This was my main "artistic" creation over extreme makeover for my daughter's room.  She is 9 and I figured she was ready for a fun, new room.  It was a total surprise on Christmas Day!  We all slept in the family room on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas morning, she opened a gift with a poem inside that directed her up to her room, and SURPRISE!

Well, painting my kitchen wasn't using creativity, but it did make me feel connected with my artistic side since I was using Purple Paint!  There is nothing that makes me feel better than painting something purple!  I think it accentuates my sliver collection very nicely, don't you? - however now I notice that my collection needs a dose of polish.

And today, I had my kids deconstruct the Christmas cards we received to make our own Thank You cards to send to our loved ones.  This is a great way to recycle the Christmas cards that we normally toss out after the season is over, plus, the kids learn the importance of creating something special to express their gratitude for the gifts. 

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