Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Russian Architecture Inspired by Tchaikovsky

For this year's Picture the Music Competition, we are studying Russian Architecture, since the selected composer is Tchaikovsky.  Thanks to our tech. dept, I was able to set up the projector and the stereo in the Art room to play the PowerPoint slideshow and the music selection at the same time.  I had handouts for the students to see examples of architecture and I had the slideshow on a continuous loop showing more samples of the Russian mosques, temples, and cathedrals.  Students were enthralled to learn about this culture and tie in the musical component with their art.  To add rhythm and movement to their work, they were encouraged to add a whimsical sky behind their buildings.  This is my example, but more student work will be added to this post in the next few weeks, as they finish their artwork:

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  1. Rebecca, awesome project. I'm actually a teacher of Russian in 6th grade immersion program in Alaska. We are in our Structures unit in Science. I was curious about the presentation you made for the Russian architecture: do you share it or sell it? Cause I'd buy it and do this lesson!