Thursday, February 10, 2011

What was I thinking?

Sometimes I have these crazy ideas to utilize materials in new and different ways.  For one, I have a collection of this Art Paste in the Art Room that has been here for the last decade, and since I'm one for using what I have rather than buying new...I introduce you to our latest Art Club endeavour.

It all started with a box of Art Paste:
...and some shredded paper...
...and some balloons...
And the result?  A very messy Art Room, some soggy/half-covered balloons, and LOADS of fun...

I will add that I am spending my planning/lunch time today finishing up the balloons.  Our 45 minute Art Club was not nearly enough time to cover the whole balloons with 2-3 layers of paper.  I am actually only covering half of their balloons so that when they dry, they will be paper bowls.  Look for more photos to come :)

1 comment :

  1. OK, so I'm exploring your blog when I should be doing other things, and I think these bowls came out really pretty, but if you read my blog you know I don't papier-mache over balloons. I'm guessing this would work well with getting any old bowl, upside down (or maybe the inside, right side up?) covered w/foil or plastic wrap that will peel away when papier-mache dries.

    Another idea - check out my cave paintings - they were done with shredded paper and Art Paste, but we worked it into a stonelike paper-clay. It can be used for all sorts of stuff and is really strong, so your crazy idea isn't really too far-fetched at all!