Friday, April 29, 2011

Art + Magic = FUN

I took my son to the Magic House St. Louis Children's Museum the other day and saw these magnificent works art I wanted to share with you.

These photos are a series of three canvases that were put together like a mural.  But the thing I like best are all of the found objects the artist incorporated into the painting, like yarn, beads, buttons and other things.
 Detail shot of the right canvas showing yarn and button details

 Right canvas

 Center canvas

 Left canvas

 Waiting for the electric train to pass by...

Aren't little boys precious?

We loved this station!  In the middle of the table there were sculpture pieces that the kids could use to create their own masterpiece.  I need some of these for my classroom! 

 I love these stairs because from a distance, they look like a stack of books.

This was another sculpture I really liked.  It reminds me of a Frank Stella.

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