Saturday, April 9, 2011

Art Party!!!

My 10 year-old actually said to me, "Mom, is this party for me, or is this party for you?"  She couldn't have said it any better :)  I was honest, and said, "Honey, I would have LOVED to have a party like this for my 10th birthday, so I guess I am living my dreams through you :)" 

Here are some colorful, fun decorations and activities we did last night with her friends:

 Paint-filled water balloons:
 My daughter/mini-me:

 Melting Crayons (I love menting stuff):

 Canvas painting time:)


  1. I'm curious, how many water balloons did you have and for how many people?

  2. Well, I probably made about 50 water balloons for 10 people and they were gone in about one minute! Also, I must didn't work out too well. The balloons would bounce off their paper and splatter in the rocks and the grass. So, needless to say, we ended up splatter painting :)

  3. How did you get the paint in the balloon? I tried this last year and failed miserably. I'm just wondering what you did!

  4. First of all...your pics are gorgeous! easy is it to wash off of skin? I want to do this but...can I just throw them in the pool? Will the shirts dry so that they can keep them? Thanks for the wonderful party recap, too!