Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fine Arts Fair 2011

We had a GREAT turn-out last night at our annual Fine Arts Fair.  As opposed to previous years, I decided to turn the entire school into an Art Gallery, whereas each student would have a work of art represented.  In the past, I was only a part-time art teacher here and I would hang the art for my classes only for display purposes.  But this year, I decided to make sure each student had either a painting or a sculpture for sale at the Art Gallery.  It worked out really well because with my art budget being cut, I needed the extra fundraiser to purchase clay and other sculpture materials for next year.  It's time to get creative with fundraising, isn't it???  

Parents and students alike were excited to purchase the artwork.  The artwork was sold for $4 each, while the stools were sold for $30 (that's what it would cost to replace them + shipping).  Believe it or not, a lot of people were willing to pay the $$ for the art stools.  I think I may be on to something here :)  Many families purchased their own students' work as well as other paintings and sculptures that other artists made.   Here are some pics from last night:

 This was the raffle basket that I put together for the students complete with a sketch pad, a canvas, markers, crayons, model magic, paint, and colored pencils.  They are dying to see who won!

Students working on the Circle Painting mural in the Art Room.  The projector was showing the You Tube video 'Circle Painting' on a continuous loop every few minutes to inspire the students and families as they painted.

This was the finished circle painting.  I got a deal on the canvas from one of Michael's weekend sales.  It's huge, but I know the perfect spot for it here at school.

 These were the art stools that my students painted.  I do this project every year with a group of well-behaved 6th graders, but this was the first year that I allowed them to buy their art stool at the Fine Arts Fair.  The project involved researching a specific artist, writing a paper about the artist, the type of artwork he/she created, and choosing a specific work of art to re-create on an art stool.
 Van Gogh, of course :)
 Jasper Johns

 These students were working on Circle Paintings in the Art room. 

 Here are some folks enjoying the art in the hallways.  Like the papel picado? 

 These students were admiring the Oaxacan animals in the display case.  There was a laptop set up on top that was playing the Oaxacan Wood Carving slideshow.

 Our record bowls were a BIG hit!

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  1. I love seeing the artwork in the hallways! Your pictures are great!