Friday, September 2, 2011


This is an adorable project to do with the primary grades.  I taught this lesson today with my Kindergartners and my 2nd graders.  First, we read the book, Leo the Lightning Bug - which is just as cute as can be!

Next, we made "stars" on dark blue paper with yellow colored pencils and then we drew colorful lightning bugs.  I had to emphasize drawing DARK with these b/c if they didn't, their drawings wouldn't show up.  Now, the best part came last...for students who worked quietly and tried their best (which they ALL did, but I like to hold the bribe out there for good behavior), they got GLITTER!!! - to make their fireflies light-up, of course :) 

Now, I took these with my iPhone, so please forgive the lack of quality photography here:
 Emory's Lightning Bugs

 Kameron's Lightning Bugs

Angeli's Lightning Bugs

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