Friday, September 23, 2011

Sparkling Fall Foliage - Revised

For those of you who have caught on...I pick a theme and stick with it for a week or two.  I let my primary classes do the same projects because #1: they are usually back-to-back on my schedule,  #2: I don't usually repeat lessons year after year for specific grade levels (that requires way too much organization for this creative mind), and #3: I think they are just so cute that I cannot help but teach it to another class :)

So, here are my new and improved Sparkling Fall Trees:

I think the white paper looks much nicer than the tan paper I used the first time.  I also took the opportunity to teach the students about foreground and background by making a hill that the tree is on and other hills behind the tree.  And the handprints turned out much nicer this time because I had the students stamp their hands in the yellow first, orange second, and red last.  I also gave them three paper towels so they could wipe off the color on their hands before stamping a new color.  Much better results :)

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