Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sparkling Fall Foliage

Even though the trees are still green here in Missouri, I had to get a head-start on our Fall projects because I am in charge of the main bulletin boards at our district Administration Building during the month of October.  So, here we are with an easy, safe, always exciting fall painting project. 

When they entered the Art room, I had this video playing as they were seated and during the duration of the video, I talked to them about why the leaves change color in the fall and how that directly relates to the cooler temperatures and the shorter days - so we had a little Science lesson before beginning our Art project.

I usually do a project like this during the fall and the spring for my younger students because drawing trees is not only something that the students can relate to, but they can also learn how to draw using line variations.  We talk about the thickness on lines, the length of lines, how lines can represent strength/weakness in art, how drawing from nature is NEVER perfect, how imperfections in art are acceptable, and so on.  I usually have the students dot the leaves on the trees using their fingertips, but wanted to actually do hand prints this time. 

Here are a few examples:
Sidney's Tree ( I like the splatter marks from slapping her hand down on the paper)

 Amauria's Tree (I love the fingerprint leaves falling from the tree)

 Aryn's Tree (This one shows the hand prints really well)

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