Friday, October 14, 2011

Oil Pastel/Chalk Pastel Pumpkin Drawings

3rd graders yesterday afternoon learned about depth perception and overlapping while creating these spooky pumpkins.  I like the effect of chalk on dark paper, so we started with a blue sheet of paper.  The students drew the first pumpkin with an oil pastel right in the middle.  Next, they drew the two side pumpkins a little bit smaller and behind the first one to show depth and overlapping.  They colored inside the spaces with chalk pastels (VERY messy, btw) and cleaned up their drawing by re-tracing the oil pastel lines.  Here are a few completed works of art:

Mary Jane's Pumpkins

Grace's Pumpkins
Devan's Pumpkins

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  1. These are beautiful!!! I LOVE pumpkins, and I would hang these in my home!!