Thursday, November 10, 2011

Comic Book Art...cont.

Students in grades 5 & 6 have been diligently working on their Onomatopoeia art for the past two weeks.  First, they had to fill up the entire 9x12 paper with black text from magazine pages.  Then, they were to create a sketch of their word and some action symbols that represent the chosen word.  Next, they drew their design on top of the magazine paper with a sharpie marker and added shadowing around their letters.  Last, I had them use a limited color palette of blue, red, and yellow to reflect Lichtenstein's artwork.  As you can see from the student work below, some students chose to follow those guidelines while others did not.  I didn't take off points for the coloring part of the project because while I suggested the three color scheme, I didn't enforce it as a grade.  It's very difficult to limit creativity to three colors, isn't it? (he he he)

Here are some finished works of art:


  1. This art is amazing! Great work. I love this's a great resource for other students and art teachers.

  2. What medium did you use other than sharpie?