Monday, January 30, 2012

Curved Line Drawings

     I found this lesson over at Stuck In The Mud Pottery and fell in LOVE with it.  First of all, it's a H.S. lesson.  Second of all, I knew my 6th graders would be up for the challenge.  Third of all....our designs turned out FANTASTIC!  Janelle's instructions were top-notch.  The only thing I changed was adding oil pastels over our cross-hatching shadows.  My students love to use oil pastels, and quite frankly, I have a hard time leaving artwork b&w.  I need color in my life, what can I say?

     My students worked on 16x20" paper, started with a pencil, then traced over their lines with a black marker.  I showed them how to make the "ribbons" look like they are going under other ribbons, how to make the loop, and how to add shadow where another "ribbon" overlaps it.  I think I have the best artists here at Halls Ferry.  What do you think?

by Jordan

 by Mrs. Keller

 by Armani

by Sophia

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