Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kindergarten Giraffes

I showed this video to my kinders yesterday regarding the African landscape, climate, & animals.  (I actually have a student who just moved here from Africa, so that was pretty cool.)

   We named all of the different animals that we saw in the video (although I have to admit...there were a few horned creatures that I didn't know the name of, so I called them 'antelope'...ooops). 

     Then, we started our giraffe project.  This was quite an undertaking for kinders.  We had to draw the giraffe, cut it out, tear brown paper for the spots, make a moon, & cut the grass.  I think they turned out very well.  The lesson actually came from Patti over at Deep Space Sparkle.  My teacher friend had downloaded one of Patti's units on African Themed Art Lessons and gave me a copy.  Thanks Patti!  Here is a link to her blog:
Purchasing her lesson plans is definitely worth the $$. 

     Here are a few of our torn-paper giraffes:
 Penda's Giraffe

 Chase's Giraffe

 Jared's Giraffe

Corey's Giraffe

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