Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kg. Mood Paintings

This project is another one for the annual Picture The Music Art Competition for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  Here, I wanted to focus solely on color & its relation to feelings or moods.  So, after listening to our selected music, I had each student think of only 1 color that they think would best match the song.  Then, we drew an abstract drawing on the paper using a variety of lines & shapes.  Next, I showed the students how to mix their colors into each space.  They painted each space a different tint or shade of their color.  I know tints & shades are a little deep for Kg's, but I figured the process of mixing the colors to make them darker and lighter is more important here rather than focusing on the technical terms.  So, I think they turned out pretty well...what do you think?

Penda's painting
Corey's painting

Jared's painting

Monrey's painting

 Mackenzie's painting


  1. Congrats! You are a finalist for the Art Ed Blog of the Year Awards over on The Art of Education! Check out the Voting page and be sure to send your readers over to vote for you!

  2. Love this idea! I do a music/line project with kinders where we listen to different types and tempos of music and draw lines that mimic the music. I also go around and periodically change out the materials while they are working. They love it!