Thursday, January 19, 2012


I just realized yesterday that there is this 'unsaid' motivation between my students about getting their artwork published on my blog.  As a student was working on his artwork yesterday, he kept asking me over and over again, "Is this good enough to go on your blog?"..."Do you think I am doing a good job?"..."I really want my art on your blog"..."I want to have the most pictures of my art online".  And so on. 

I began to realize that the kids have this intrinsic desire to do well on their artwork so they will get one of my 'green slips'.  I hand these out to the students whenever their artwork goes on my blog.  I have actually had a parent contact me through the blog, praising the art instruction that her daughter receives here at school.  I was flattered.  And, I am proud of my students.  And, I love to make them feel good about what they do at school.  Enough said.


  1. What a great idea! I would do this if I started another blog with JUST the kids art work:) I like talking shop too much on mine and don't think it would be a place for parents and students.

  2. What a great motivator! For me, the motivation is "is my picture good enough to go in the hallway?" I have over 80 students per grade level, so only the best ones fit on my bulletin board. I have not informed any of my students or their parents about my blog....sometimes I talk about struggles I had teaching a lesson, or even solving a particular behavior problem with a student (name changed, of course!), and they don't need to see that!

    So, for the most part, my students get their recognition on bulletin boards, art shows, and "Artist of the Week." I pick a piece of art each week to showcase in the school's glass display case, which is a *great* motivator.

    Happy blogging!

    ~Jessica (