Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Summer!!!

     Thank you so much for visiting my blog this school year, but the time has come for us to part ways until August.  I need some much deserved R&R and this is exactly where I will be spending my summer...poolside w/ a good book!  This is not exactly MY poolside, per se, but I wish it was!  Here are some of my summer plans...
1.  Finish reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series
2.  Have a BLAST teaching 4 weeks of Summer Art Camp here at school and in my small town
3.  Sleep in past 7:30
4.  Go to the park
5.  Have a Kool Aid stand with my kiddos
6.  NOT clean my house (thanks to my newly hired housekeeper)
7.  Work on my tan
8.  Avoid that pesky snake in my garden
9.  TRY to keep my flowers alive this summer
10.  Enjoy my days off!!!!!

See you in August!  I will post pictures of my summer art camp :-)

1 comment :

  1. Still 4 weeks to go here in NY...

    Have a great summer!