Thursday, December 13, 2012


     It's getting COLD here in the Midwest...finally.  We've had a very nice and mild fall and I am hoping for snow!!!  One way to wish the sparkling white stuff upon us is to incorporate it into our artwork.  First, let me apologize for neglecting you for so many weeks.  I got out of the habit of blogging and before I even realized it, I had let more than a month slip by without posting.  I have to admit, however, that Pinterest has taken over my life.  It's been so very helpful organizing my art lesson plans.  I just pull up the image of the artwork, type out my objective, put it on my projector, and away we go.  I promise to keep up with my posting here, as well, for all of my faithful followers (if there are any of you left, lol).

     This is a version of a collage that we made last year.  I did this with my 2nd graders this year.  We watched a few You Tube videos on Penguins to get us inspired.  Next, we cut out the shapes to make the body, wings, & earmuffs.  Lastly, we painted snowflakes falling on our paper with white paint.

Here are a few great examples:

By Anna Rose 

By Marvella 

By Lauren

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