Friday, April 26, 2013

3-D Paper Rainbows

Is this not THE MOST ADORABLE art project you have EVER seen?  (Ok, I get a bit overly excited about rainbows, lol).  This was a project I did with my Kinders yesterday.  We sorted the paper strips, compared the sizes, ordered them from least to greatest, and used patterning.  Whew!  Let me say, it did take the entire hour of art class for these creations, but it was worth it!  You start with an 18" red strip and decrease the size by 1.5" for each color until you end with the pink strip.  Doing this, it causes the paper to bend into that fabulous arc.  You should definitely give this project a try!


  1. Love these! We did them at one of our "Make-and-Take Activity Tables" at our annual Art Show last week and they were a big hit!

  2. Very cute and lovely creations. I wish I could make art like these as well one of these days. Thank you for sharing the art work with us and for providing the instructions on how to make them. You have brilliant idea then. Would you mind if I request for ideas on making buntings?

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  3. There is no such thing as over excited about rainbows. Rainbows are awesome! They all turned out really awesome and I am sure your kinders loved them.