Thursday, April 4, 2013

Color Wheel Ferris Wheels!

I have a confession to make...I don't always teacher color wheels every year.  There I said it.  Now, I do, however, teach color theory in lots of other lessons, but the actual painting inside the spaces in a particular order just, I don't know, BORES ME!  But I decided to give it a go with my 4th graders this year.  They loved it.  And they turned out great!  However, I just couldn't leave the color wheels as they are in their blah state.  We turned our color wheels into Ferris Wheels!  Who doesn't LOVE a Ferris Wheel?  The color, the lights, the shape, the excitement (just not the price, lol).  Here are a few of our fabulous Ferris Wheels:

By Kyra 

By Dominique


  1. The ferris wheel is a really unique idea! I'm thinking it would be fun to cut cut little cars (or whatever you call them on a ferris wheel) and find photos of people in magazines to put in them, and then collage them onto the ferris wheel.

    Now you've got me thinking even more - it would be fun to cut them out, put them on a the back paper with a brass fastener, and make the wheels turn! Pinning!

  2. Love these and definitely love your recommendations, Phyl!