Thursday, September 26, 2013

1st Grade Tooth Fairy Paintings

     I cannot handle the level of cuteness in this project!  First, we listened to a story about the tooth fairy on YouTube.  In fact, this is a great tool to use on any project.  You can find a read-aloud story for kids on just about any subject you are teaching and they are usually 5 minutes or less.  This is a great way to introduce your topic and get the kids excited about the project.  Ok, after the video, we drew the tooth fairy together, colored in her wings white and added white sparkle X's to the background, colored in her dress and body, and then used silver, white & blue liquid watercolors to paint over the entire paper.  Lastly, the kids added glue to her wings and I sprinkled glitter on them for that magical fairy effect :-)

     When they were finished, we wrote letters to the tooth fairy.  You will LOVE reading these!

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