Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rainy Day Drawings

just LOVE this project! Rarely do I repeat art projects year after year, but this one is worth repeating! I showed the students a Magic School Bus video on You tube about the water cycle before we began our drawing. We talked about condensation and evaporation - science concepts they learn about in 3rd grade. Next, we went through the drawing step-by-step starting with the head, the arms, the body, and then the details. Students colored their drawings and then I assisted them with the rain drops (watered-down blue tempera paint). We even did a little writing piece. I had the students write about their favorite thing to do on a rainy day. Here are some great works of art: 

                Kennedi's drawing

                  Teryon's drawing

                     Kyla's drawing

                     Oliviah's drawing

                  Zachary's drawing

                    Talen's drawing

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