Monday, September 8, 2014

Chalk Self-Portraits

What a fun way to make self-portraits!!!! I was skeptical at first using the chalk pastels with my 2nd graders because we all know that chalk pastels can go from beautiful to disaster in no time! However, the students did SO well listening and following directions and their artwork shows it! For this drawing you have to think backwards a little bit. For example we first drew the head and then the eyes and then colored everything but the eyes. Then we drew the neck, colored it, and drew the shirt and colored that. Then, we added facial features with black chalk and added the hair and then colored the background. These look fabulous hanging in the hallway! I may have fumed myself out of the art room for the afternoon because I sprayed them with Fixative so they wouldn't smear. The things we do for art!!!! Sheesh.

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