Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Picture The Music

On to my annual winter project -  compliments of the St. Louis Symphony...Picture The Music!!!! I get excited every year to collaborate on this unique opportunity with a great organization. This year, our song selection is Beethoven's 6th Symphony 4th Movement (I think...). Anyway, we listen to the piece of music, discuss how art and music can elicit emotions and feelings. We do a lesson on comparing and contrasting between paintings that elicit certain 'moods' so kids can see a connection between line and color and feelings. This project had a LOT going on! We cut shapes from sheet music, used rulers to draw straight lines (like in Kandinsky's paintings), used watercolor crayons to add color, and stamped circles on the finished piece.  It took the entire class period but the kids were really intrigued and did a great job on their artwork! Now to select the finalists to send to the Symphony...hmmm. 

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