Sunday, January 11, 2015

Miro Drawings

     Drawing to music in the style of Miro! This lesson went flawlessly. There's something magical that happens when you combine music with art. Before the lesson, I demonstrated how to draw lines and shapes which represent the music...large shapes when the music is loud, small soft lines and shapes when the music is soft. For this lesson I added in some 'silly people' like you would see in Miro's paintings. I feel like 1st graders would be able to relate to the silly, whimsical figures. To give the drawings a real 'painterly' effect, we painted water over the marker lines. To add color, we used crayons and watercolors for the background. I'll post a finished painting soon! 
Oh....before we began, I showed this AMAZING Eric Carle video on You Tube called I See A Song.  Where has this video been all my life (ok, a bit dramatic! Lol!).  

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  1. nice these drawings... great blog. Good I found you here. Groeten uit Nederland.