Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fine Arts Fair

And that's a wrap. A great school year has come to an end and I had the privilege of showing off my students' exceptional talent. I did it a little bit differently this year. Instead of using the whole shook as a gallery, I combined all of the works of art to our foyer and main hallway at school. I also hung up the artwork randomly instead of grouping them by class. This was great! It looked like a real art gallery! Plus, the kids kept looking and looking at the art of their peers, not just their own. I set up a creation station where students painted melted records that I will place in the garden to resemble flowers. Here are the highlights of the evening: 

Our Picture The Music Award winners had their winning pieces on display. 

Brother and sister art winners! Shania won the school-wide t-shirt design contest while her little brother win an award for his Picture The Music art. 

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