Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kindergarten Communities

This month in Kindergarten, the classes are talking about communities and learning how we all work together for a specific purpose. Art Class, we created a class community mural! I showed the kids a slideshow that I created with different parts of a community: libraries, hospitals, restaurants, stores, police stations, and so on. Students picked which type of building they would like to make and added details to their buildings to make them specific.  They also wrote out the signs for the building they chose.  When they were finished, I glued them into the mural paper and let the students add details to the paper with markers. They really enjoyed this project and it'll look FABULOUS in the kindergarten hallway! 

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  1. “Kindergarten communities” is such a wonderful topic to tell students how we all work together for a specific purpose. I really liked this topic and would love to use it in my Phoenix preschool class. Thanks for the inspiration dear.