Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Time Is Here...

I love this time of year!  There is soooo much glitter that the floor sparkles, students sparkle, and I have to bribe the custodian to stay on my good side while he cleans it up :)  Our "theme" this holiday for the foyer of our school is blue and silver snowflakes.  So, I came up with some art lessons that would coordinate with the decor.  This was a winter landscape project I did with Kindergartners.  It was very simple and addressed sorting by size, drawing simple shapes, and recognizing shapes in nature.  First, the students drew the snowdrift with a white oil pastel.  Next, they were instructed to cut small, medium, and large triangles and stack them one on top of another to create an evergreen tree.  I stayed away from the "Christmas tree" language for this project because some students do not celebrate Christmas...but here in Missouri, we all celebrate winter.  When each student had at least three trees on their paper, I gave them a silver metallic marker to stamp some dots of snow falling on their paper.  I think they turned out beautiful!

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