Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Welcome to Snowmen Week!

There has been a longstanding tradition at our school (thanks to the past art teacher's creativity...none of which I will claim here), Model Magic Snowpeople.  It's a fun, easy project to do, and the kids expect it every December because they bring them home and give them as gifts to their loved ones.

The main objective for this project is to create a mini-snowman sculpture that can either be displayed on its own, or used as an ornament.  Students can change the color of the model magic by dabbing watercolor markers into the clay and mixing it around.  There are endless possibilities for details that can be added to these snowpeople, and the students really get creative when making them unique.

Here are just a few snowpeople that were made this year...

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  1. Looks like a cute project! I wish there were a few more details, like how is the ribbon attached for the ornaments to hang from.