Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deep Blue Sea Mural - Day 2

I thought my 6th graders would enjoy creating some 3-D jellyfish for our underwater mural project.  I actually got this idea from http://onecrayolashort.blogspot.com/.  I always love to make paper mache projects with balloons!  Well, let's just say, I love the results, but maybe not so much the actual "making" part of the project :)  I allowed the students to use multi-colored tissue paper, to give a little contrast between each jellyfish.  I think the pink jellyfish from One Crayola Short looked great, but I like to give students a choice of colors for their projects.  These will be the tops of our jellyfish once they dry...

Third graders worked on creating schools of fish using styrofoam stamps.  I instructed them to draw their own fish on their piece of styrofoam, cut it out, and use 1-2 colors of tempera paint to stamp their fish repeatedly on their paper.  

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