Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deep Blue Sea Mural - Day 1

We are in the process of creating a school-wide mural project depicting the deep blue sea.  On day 1, students had the opportunity to watch a video titled, Exploring Tropical Oceans created here at our very own Missouri Botanical Gardens.  Here are the Kindergartners working on depicting plant life in the ocean using oil pastels and chalk pastels:

The 1st Graders used plastic soda bottles to transform into 3-D fish.  I had the fish bodies prepared for them before class.  The labels had to be removed, the bottom of the soda bottle cut off, the tail stapled and then shaped by cutting the sides of the tail inward.  The students used sharpie markers to add scales, designs, patterns, and eyes to their fish.  I had them come up to the sink, one at a time, to choose two colors of paint to pour into the mouth of the fish and then we tapped it on the side of the sink to allow the colors to mix.  I think they turned out great!

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  1. They are so cute, working hard on their projects assigned by the teacher. Currently, my son and I are living in Argentina because I hd to come here for work. We are staying in one of those apartments in Buenos Aires near the school and I love checking out the things they make him do there. It seems Argentineans are very creative!