Monday, April 25, 2011

Handprint Flowers

Okay, for all of you classroom teachers out there, here is another handprint project that is cute, easy, and foolproof.  I used a lunchroom tray and spread white paint all over it so the colors wouldn't be solid, but would mix in with white for another dimension.  Then I made 'puddles' of colored paint that the students could easily stamp their hand in.  I assisted them, of course, but it was an easy way to access a whole class and let them choose their own color of paint without having to paint each hand.  The grass part took the most amount of time because they had to fill up the bottom of a 12x18 piece of paper with 'blades' of grass.  I like to have lots of cutting in the projects for K-1 because they need the fine motor practice.  For this project, I required them to cut out 'blades' of grass as thin and as long as their fingers.  Some did well, while others struggled getting their triangles thin and long enough.  When they were finished with the grass, they were instructed to make 3-4 stems and that was my signal to assist them with the paint.  It was lots of fun!

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