Monday, April 25, 2011

Oaxacan Animals

I've been wanting to do a lesson on Oaxacan animals for the longest time, but kept putting-it-off for whatever reason.  I was exploring some media on the world-wide-web when I came across this beautiful slideshow showing excellent examples of the woodcarvings and even some photos of the artists themselves.  Here is the slideshow you can download from Slideshare:

Oaxacan wood carving slideshare ppt 
View more presentations from ljohnson60

And here are some animals my 4th graders made using Model Magic (now keep in mind, these are just the beginning...we'll be adding color and details next class so stay tuned):

A duck with his tongue hangin' out
A cute pair of owls
Of course, a bunny.
And I love this droopy penguin.

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