Friday, August 19, 2011

ABC I Like Me!

After reading this book by Nancy Carlson, students created self-portraits.  I walked them through a step-by-step demonstration of drawing a head, neck, shoulders, and details & then let them go to town.  I don't like giving Kg. students too much specific direction, because their art is so innocent and creative.  They are natural artists at this age and I love to see what they come up with!

On the second day, we reviewed the ABC pattern from the story and created the watercolor border to go around the self-portraits.  Here are a few of our masterpieces:


  1. I love Nancy Carlson's, I Like Me, so having the ABC's as an added element is great. I like how you used the alphabet as the border -- terrific authentic assessment for little ones at the beginning of the year!!

  2. Wow, my K's wouldn't be able to do that this early in the school year. I'll be lucky if 1/2 of them can write their letters..