Thursday, August 18, 2011


School's starting and our kids are just as wonderful as they were in May.  I get more and more excited every August as we begin a new school year.  I love to see who's grown over the summer, who is coming with new siblings, and the new faces that I will soon meet.  As an art teacher, I just love the fact that I get to be with these kids for seven years!  Some of my students have had me as their art teacher since they were in kindergarten.  Our profession is unique to this fact because we definitely get to see our students grow, mature, and develop their artistic talent.  I can easily say that I am proud of my students because while some of them started out as artists with exceptional talent, some of them had little to no art experience and are developing into artists right before my very eyes!  I love my job! 

This week, we have been working on designing the covers of our PBS journals.  The students will use these journals in their regular classroom throughout the year by writing samples of High 5 behavior and other topics of Positive Behavior.  In the art room, however, we get to be creative and make a magazine collage on the cover.  It's a simple lesson, but it's a great one to start the year with so I can address the High 5 behaviors in the Art Room and it helps me get to know my artists.  Here are a few completed collages:

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