Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pop Art Self-Portraits

Well, well well.  I am itching to post something interesting, but I am waiting for my students to finish their self-portrait drawings so we can paint them and I can post some stunning student work.  But, as we all know...stunning work does not come from 1 single class period (or rarely comes, I should say).  So, I will post what we are working on this week and will post the finished paintings next week.  That way, you can be anticipating the marvelous work to come :)

The main idea is to create a Pop-Art self-portrait in the style of Andy Warhol.  I like Pop Art lessons because it really breaks down the intimidation barriers and helps kids to see that art can be fun and simple without being complicated.  One of my 1st grade Art Campers this summer said of Warhol's paintings..."It's so boring but so exciting at the same time!"  That was my 'Ah-ha' moment of being an art educator...I finally reached the other side!!!

This was the You Tube video that I showed the students:

So, I gave each student a piece of paper that measured 6x9".  For the older grades, I took the opportunity to teach them facial proportions, and for the younger grades (3rd & 4th) I just gave a quick demonstration and let them draw their portrait without the "rules" of proportion.  Next, I showed them how to heavily mark their drawing with pencil lead, turn it over, and rub the back of the paper with a scissor handle.  Then, when their image transfers, they outlined their drawing with a Sharpie.  Here is one example, look for more to come.

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