Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sparkling Apple Orchards

I just had to do another apple lesson with my second graders!  I love, love this book:
This time, I decided to teach perspective by painting an apple orchard.  First, I had the students use watercolors to paint the horizon line, the grass, and the sky.  Next, we let the paint dry while I read the story to the class.  We used tempera paint for the trees and the apples.  I had them paint three rows of trees, first a large tree trunk, then a medium, then a small.  I usually don't even approach perspective until at least the second half of third grade, but as I become more comfortable with my method of teaching it, I am introducing it with the primary classes more often.  When I was demonstrating how and where to place the tree trunks, one of my artists said, "OH, I SEE IT!!!".  I love that type of confirmation when my words match what they see so they can truly understand visual representation!!! (I feel like my mission is completed, I am at 'one with the universe', lol)

For the foliage, I had them paint the small tree's top first, then the medium, then the large top last (opposite from the tree trunks).  This way, they can see how the foliage can overlap with another tree.  They painted the apples on the trees with their fingerprints.  I told them if they work quickly and quietly, they got red glitter on their apples :) - works every time!
Cameron's Orchard

Joi's Orchard

Brooke's Orchard

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  1. We have apple orchards in our town! I can't wait to teach this lesson to my students! Thanks for the great suggestion.