Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Landscape Reflections

For this project, I must have been hopped up on caffeine to be able to complete it in the allotted hour time-frame.  First of all, I had to set out oil pastels, watercolors, watercolor brushes, acrylic paint, acrylic brushes, and paper towels for each student...whew.  But, the results are so stunning, I felt like it was well worth the extra effort on my part.  Here were the steps:
1.  Fold the paper to create the horizon.  2. Draw the clouds with the white oil pastel, the tree trunks with the brown oil pastel, and the water waves with the blue oil pastel.  3. Use watercolor paint to paint the sky and the water.  4.  Use the acrylic paint to 'dab' the foliage on the trees.  5.  Re-fold the paper to make the reflection in the water.  6.  Use a slightly wet watercolor brush to make short horizontal brushstrokes in the reflection to make it look like water.

I worked while the students did so they could follow one step at a time and see how quickly they needed to work to move on to the next step.  Here are some finished paintings:

 Zalyn's Landscape

Tyler's Landscape

Ra'jai's Landscape

 Kayla's Landscape

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  1. WOW!!!! Absolutely stunning! Can I steal this idea? I'll definitely link back to your blog-WOW!!