Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jean Dubuffet Sculputres

This is an exciting project that I am doing with my 6th graders.  First, we watched this You Tube video showcasing some of Dubuffet's original drawings, paintings, and sculptures.  I thought it was interesting to teach the kids that this particular artist based a lot of his own work on children's drawings.  Next, I showed them a PowerPoint slideshow showing some abstract sculptures made of poster board and some of Dubuffet's resin sculptures.

We began our sculptures using white tagboard, cutting out free-form shapes, and adding pattern and color with black, red, and blue markers.  I demonstrated how to attach the pieces together by making cuts in each piece and sliding one piece on another piece.  Here are a few sculptures in progress (the first one is my teacher sample):

Jasmin's Sculpture

Evan's Sculpture

 Gabe's Sculpture

Curtis's Sculpture

Here is the video from You Tube that I showed the students: