Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Musical Animals

Well, there comes a point in every Art teacher's lesson plans when you need to change things and mix them up either because it's simply not working, or you've become bored teaching the same thing over and over.  The latter is my case today, yesterday, and always.  We are still working on our Picture the Music artwork in conjunction with the St. Louis Symphony.  We are still comparing and contrasting music to the visual arts based on emotion and color.  But, I needed to add a splash of whimsy.  So, for my 2nd graders today, we are doing Musical Animals.  Kids LOVE animals, don't they?  To relate this theme with my music objective, we will talk about repetition in music and art.  Here are some of our masterpieces:
 Amauria's horses

 Caitlin's elephants

 Kamauri's butterflies

 Alan's Lions

Jordan's butterflies

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