Friday, January 6, 2012

Art + Music + Kinders = 1 Tired Teacher

Today we worked on our art for the annual Picture The Music Art contest for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  We talked about how different kinds of music and evoke different emotions and how certain colors can match those emotions.  (Deep, I know).

Then, I had the students pick three or four colors that they thought best matched Beethoven's 5th Symphony.  They 'scribbled' the colors all over their paper and then I sprayed water on top of their paper so all of the colors would bleed together.  This was the background for our paintings.

Next I gave the students a tray of tempera paint and gave them some specific things to paint.  First, I told them to paint a wavy line, then a square, three circles, two straight lines, etc.  I think they are fabulous and we had lots of fun creating these musical paintings :)

Our "marker paintings" drying on the floor

a finished painting with the details added on top

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  1. I like the process you used here, and the results are great! Great project for a Friday!!