Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chalk Cityscapes

      I LOVED this chalk project!  Before we began, we discussed cities at night and some of the very interesting things that you could only find in a large city.  Students shared about some big cities that they've been to.  I had these skyline stencils already cut-out for the students to use for their drawings.  To get the illuminating silhouette technique, you have to trace around the stencil and then use your finger to rub the chalk up and outwards from the buildings.  Then, when you remove the stencil, you can see the silhouette.  We added stars, a moon, and windows when we were finished with the skylines.  At the conclusion of class, I showed the students this street artist from New York.  They thought it was VERY cool!!!

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  1. Love this idea! Did you cut out a variety of skylines and then let the children pass them around? What is the link to the artist in New York? The image does not show in this post. Thank you!