Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kindergarten Apples!!!

     I LOVE everything about Fall!  The colors, the tastes, the smells.  And I absolutely LOVE Fall artwork! It is the time of the year for annual visits to the apple orchards, so I decided it's time for apple-themed artwork here at school.  I was going to apple stamping with the kindergarteners, but forgot to make a trip to the store for a bag of apples.  What's a teacher to do?  So, I decided to do apple stencils instead.  This was probably a wise choice since it is only the 3rd week of school and I don't think the kids are quite ready for the adventure of apple stamping.  We watched this darling video on You Tube about counting to 10.  Then, we traced 10 apples on our paper.  Next, we painted 5 of the apples red and 5 of them green.  I feel like this was a perfect interdisciplinary lesson on counting and art for my young kinders.  Enjoy!


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