Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Magazine Christmas Trees

I am officially addicted to making Magazine Christmas trees!  I have had loads of magazine donations this year, thanks to my supportive staff members here at Halls Ferry.  Some magazines I can use with the kids and other magazines that I didn't know what to do with (like 50 copies of the November issue of Missouri Conservation???) and I am so glad I saved them for a project such as this. 
I can't take claim for this project, whatsoever!  I have to thank Martha Stewart and her video for my new addiction.  This project would work well with students because it's so easy to do.  Check out the video at

They can be painted gold like these...or left unpainted and sprinkled with glitter (which I'm going to do).  I'm making these for all the staff here at school for Christmas gifts, shhhh don't tell!  


  1. How do you keep the pages to stay equally spaced? Particularly the front and back covers don't want to stay close.

  2. If I remember right you have to glue them or they won't stay closed. I used to make these with Readers Digest when I was a kid.