Friday, February 11, 2011

Paper Mache Bowls

Well, the bowls turned out surprisingly well.  Too bad I have to take half of the credit for them.  Let's just say that if I had a 2 hour class, the students would have done 100% of the work.  But, don't you find that sometimes it's just better to help them reach the final product than have a load of unfinished projects?  Maybe if I would have saved this project for 6th graders, instead of 4th graders, I wouldn't have had to help them finish.  The 4th graders spent a good 10 minutes getting over the oooey-gooey Art Paste instead of getting right to work. 

I think that these bowls can be the foundation to add more cool and interesting things, like magazine paper, paint, Mod Podge, and the list goes on!  I am thinking about spray painting mine silver :)


  1. Hi

    welcome to art ed 2.0

    checked out your blog - great documentation of the paper mache bowls - beautiful and simple (but messy). I think you were THINKING!


  2. where's the link on how to make the bowls?