Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Longest Line Drawings

Students in grades 4-6 have been working on these fun, colorful drawings for the past two weeks.  This project went right after our Moving Line Drawings, both using colored pencils, and I think my students need a break from the "sit and color" routine we've been in for 4 weeks.  So, next week I am thinking we need to do something fun and fast, maybe with paint :)

For this project, we discussed the definitions of line and shape.  It was quite comical to hear their responses for the definition of "line".  They said things such as, "a straight line...uggh, nevermind", to "something that is either straight or curved", to finally "a segment connecting two points"!!!  Yay!  It was difficult to define something so simple.  We reviewed the different types of lines and went to work filling up our papers with only ONE line.  They could curve the line, squiggle the line, zigzag the line, and so on, but it could not stop until they filled up the entire paper.  Next, we traced the shapes over our drawings and colored in each shape with a monochromatic color scheme.  Here are some results:


  1. Great lesson! I like the adding of limited color to the shapes. Each one is unique.

  2. I am a school counselor in a therapeutic classroom and I love using art as a strategy for dealing with frustration, anxiety, and as a way to relax and express yourself - this project is a wonderful way to do it. Thank you!!!

  3. Cool work, I will try it with my pupils as well! Thanks! :)