Thursday, March 17, 2011

Picasso's Hands with Flowers

This is a great one-day lesson for the young artists.  For the older artists, they can handle drawing the hands, but the little ones like making hand prints :)  I really like how striking these look in contrast with the white paper.  The students used oil pastels to draw their bouquets and signed their names like Picasso did, right on the front of their artwork. 


  1. What a surprise to see the handprints as hands holding the flowers--so unexpected and what a lovely keepsake. I am doing this with some Kinders in a couple weeks and have been tossing around a few ideas for collage, watercolor, stamping, etc. trying to keep it fun and simple--now I'm thinking this might be the one to try! Thank you so much for sharing this great project! Mrs. P @

  2. Hi Rebecca! I did this project yesterday with about 60 Kinders and they came out great! What a fun project and a lovely keepsake. Thank you so much for posting this! See the post on my blog at:
    Mrs. P

  3. Border designs can enhance this work of art. I will try this craft while having some good time with my grandchildren.

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