Monday, March 7, 2011

Recycled Magazine Flowers

I can use magazines in every season and for every occasion.  For this assignment, I had the students cut out colorful squares from magazine pages, fold them three times to get a small triangle, and cut a petal shape out of the top of the triangle.  We tried to find magazine pages that were contrasting in color, to make the layers really "pop".  Next, we rolled a whole page (preferably a green page) and glued it closed for the stem.  I had some jars that someone donated years ago that I thought would be the perfect place to showcase our boquets:

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  1. I see this is from 2 years back but anyway, absolutely gorgeous--do you do these every spring? A bunch would make a lovely Mother's Day bouquet! My daughter is coming for dinner--I'll make a flower to put on the table.